Doll Sewing Time

The two little girls and I sewed these dolls together today. We drew them on a simple piece of plain fabric with crayola markers, cut them out, turned them inside out to do a quick sew on the sewing machine, and then reversed the fabric the correct way. Lastly, we stuffed them and I had the girls practice hand sewing by sewing the final side closed. They loved it!! 

The dolls themselves look sort of scary honestly, but they don't care. They put them in their room on their shelf alongside their American Girl/My Life Dolls. Sometimes it is the small things that count the most.

We got the idea from this book we have, "365 Things to Make or Do". We got it off of eBay after a friend gave us the idea. Now I am sort of regretting that I ever bought this book. Haha, 😉 totally kidding. Seriously though, this book is a go-to favorite now for my kids. Now they always ask me to help them make something from it or worse make it themselves and create a disaster... Just kidding. If I get tired of it, I just hide the book for a while.

I love that they are being creative. It is pretty cute.




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