Latest Read with the Littles: Whatever After Sink or Swim

Do you ever wish your kids to turn into robotic housework servants to help you put away that endless supply of laundry, toys, and knick knacks without a complaint or a question? Well, I have the answer for you...

Play an audiobook series they love. This is seriously how I made tons of housework and organizing progress over this last Christmas break. I am not always so successful but it just so happened that they were enchanted with these stories. That as long as a daughter could keep my phone, that was playing the audiobook in her pocket, they would clean and do endless trips up and down the stairs to put things away which was super helpful. (They took turns.) Try it. And if you have girls you've got to try this particular series. 

They will love it. And hey, I will be completely honest, I really enjoyed it as well!


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