Updated Master for a Fresh Serene Start

 I updated the Master bedroom for a serene fresh start to 2022. Here is what I did:

- Decided on a color scheme and removed any current accessories that didn't fit that

- Added curtain panels to the current valence

- Put up new blinds on the windows. They were over twenty years old and had significantly yellowed.

- Bought a new bedspread

- And swapped out a floor rug with the rug from downstairs in my living room. Placing things in a different spot in the house makes it feel new. Truly!

- Finally I cleaned surfaces, mirrors, vacuumed, and dusted. I probably should have been doing this better in general and more consistently but nobody's perfect. Definitely not me at least. I openly admit my shortcomings.

So there you have it! Walaa! Whoot whoot! I am loving the space and ready to move forward to the new year.♥️


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