Deep Cleaned the Freezer

 I haven't done this in a long, long time.  It was overdue. We don't have a deep freezer in addition to this fridge freezer. In fact, we only own one fridge. My friend was shocked when I told her this last summer I believe it was. Especially for having five kids, I guess it is a little strange to only have one fridge and no additional freezer in the garage or basement somewhere. I sort of like it. Honestly, it's less to manage. 

I love these clear containers I used as organizers to separate the food. They fit great! They are basically those clear plastic shoe boxes that you can pick up from Dollar Tree sans the lid. They were previously in my library room to sort extra books, but now that I donated those extras books I no longer needed them there.  Then since I had them on hand, I found a new home for them as freezer dividers!

I learned recently one of the best ways to use what you have and cut down on excess food purchasing is to first shop your freezer before you step into a grocery store. What better way to enjoy "shopping my freezer" than to have it all neatly ordered with my favorites visible and arrayed nicely.

Yes, my husband thinks I am a bit OCD sometimes but there is nothing wrong with that in my book. Check it out! 


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