Gross to Gorgeous

 We had our kitchen painted white only 4 years ago and I am not one to complain but it is not looking so great in some places anymore. Maybe it's because we actually use our kitchen, like a lot, or perhaps it's just because it's just the nature of something that has been painted. Anyway, this cupboard particularly gets a lot of use and it was just looking just gross... I mean seriously. I have scrubbed it down a few times and it just doesn't come clean. 😑

So I got an idea, I decided to try using this white vinyl that I had purchased previously from Walmart. After  a little work fitting it to the shelf, it looks much better!! Granted I would love it to be repainted or to have new white cupboards installed but that is not exactly in the forecast at the moment so this quick fix will have to do. 

Wow, it looks really good if I can say so myself!!! I decided to organize a couple more cupboards while I was at it. 

You're welcome for the idea.😉 And yes, I went around some of the edges as well. 





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