Latest Read to Kids: The Curious Castle

 I love reading to my kids! Sometimes I'll admit it is a struggle because I just don't feel like it. But, when I just push through the initial patience it takes to sit down and open a book, it always pays off. Always! Even if it is just for the simple sweet memories we build in sharing this sweet span of time together. 

This was a cute book. I want to do more traveling to Europe someday so when I read this with them I felt the travel itch start coming to me again to visit Italy and Spain. We were actually already traveling at the moment coming home from Alaska to visit my parents who are on a mission there for my church!! I found this book on a free book stand at the airport by an organization supporting children reading. What a great idea to give free books away at the airport! 

It was perfect for us to happen upon it. We were super prepared for the trip out there but had nothing planned for the way back. I read the entire chapter book quietly aloud to them on the second half of the way back. It was a perfect answer to my prayer after having been bored stuff from the first part of the journey home when I was out of ideas and prepared material. 


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