More Donations!

 Call me crazy but I continue to donate! This is my second trunk load in the past ten days and yet I've found more to donate not pictured that have piled in my garage currently. It's coming! Completely clutter free spaces are my goal! I have learned on the excitement of YouTubers Minimal Mom and the Clutter Bug to help pump me up when needing some inspiration. 

I actually wrote on a piece of paper, one YouTuber recommended to help give me strength in this, " peace of mind / stuff" meaning peace of mind over stuff. Then I had some hard and fast questions I wrote down to refer to when I would get stumped in regards to making a decision about items. Some of the questions were "Would I want to have this conversation with myself again by later? Have I used it in the past year? Could I live without it? Do I see myself buying this again? Does this item give me joy? Do I feel guilt if I don't keep this? If so, I hereby give myself permission to get rid of it. This especially applies to gifts. I must remind myself most of the joy in gift giving is in the exchange. The giver wouldn't want me to feel guilted to keep something for years if it is not serving me. I need to keep reminding myself the joy is in the exchange, thank, and then donate it to move it on its way to someone else who will use it. 

The process does get easier and the weight of less to manage in the home is wonderful. It's a work in progress! I still have a ways to go but I can do this!! I can do it. I can do it! Yay!!


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