Daughter Makes Family Meal

 We are trying to get each of the kids on a rotation to make dinner one day a week. Yesterday, our second to oldest daughter made a family dinner and it was wonderful! Spaghetti, garlic bread, sliced fruit, and a side salad. I helped her a tiny bit with the salad and getting the meat going. Other than that, she did it herself which included setting the table! I am so proud of her. 

I am trying to eventually have this be a weekly occurrence for all the kids and not happen only haphazardly. It was so helpful to have someone else take on the responsibility since Jason doesn't get home until later and I teach music a little later on this evening, helpful for her as a maturing young teen to learn and implement useful life skills, and great in setting an example to her siblings of how it can to be done with such excellence! Kudos to my sweet daughter! 

It might not be magazine picture worthy but sometimes and even often times in my experience the best things in life aren't magazine perfect "looking." What was truly perfect was the love and kindness of my daughter's service to her family. 


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