Decluttered and Cleaned The Kids Closets

Too much stuff equals stress to me plus truly limits us from enjoying the life before us. One of my ever present and unspoken goals is to keep the kids and my closets under half way filled. I can't force my husband to do this although that would be ideal, only offer maybe offer to help every now and then. 

If we don't use the clothing piece or item, my mantra is that we either sell or donate it. Often it becomes donate more often than sell just because I've come to prioritize my peace and sanity as top tier item. When I need inspiration I just watch a cleaning or organizing video on YouTube. Try it! It is inspiring and helps me get going when I am feeling stuck. 

These aren't very fancy closets persay but they make me happy and feel wonderfully clean and orderly. Woot, woot! Progress!! 😊😊😊



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