Latest Read to Kids: Too Much TV


I don't know if you are like us but this book needs to be read every once and a while... An updated version of this would be "Too Much Screen Time" which fits us even better. So this was the book of choice for this week. 

I think it is a good discussion to have with the kids. I like how Mama Bear doesn't say TV is horrible and poisonous or anything like that but she simply says it takes one away from many other things they could be doing with their time, crafting, being outside, talking to friends, doing puzzles, watching the stars come out at night and so much more.  

I also love the look of the bears faces on the front cover. Doesn't that just sum up what too much TV and screen time does for us? Can't we all agree that it can dull our senses and gets us in a strange funk? Let's challenge ourselves each day to go put down the phone, ipad, and screens for a couple hours stretch if possible and see how our relationships and everyday life improve. 


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