How-To Sew a Zip-Up Bedspread

Yeah, I am ghetto and am totally using a tape measure instead of a measuring tape  but it works the same, right? Haha

Here is my step by step proceeds of how to create your child's own zip up bedspread. It's really not that difficult, you just need a couple items, and time set aside. I am so glad I made these for both my younger daughters age 7 & 10. Making their beds is now 100% easier and we are all enjoying their clean(er) bedroom. I can't say their toys are always picked up but they are working on that. 😉

Step 1: Take the mattress off the bed and measure the width. I did this by measuring the width of one side plus the height and then multiplied that by two. It was 45 as you see pictured above so 90 inches total is the circumference around the short side of the bed, the part the zip up bedding will go around. Make sense?

Step 2: Cut the current bedspread so that it fits on the top and over laps on one side of the mattress. Yes, you have to be daring and cut the current bedspread down to size. Leave a 2-3 inch margin on the long side and a 1 inch margin on the top shorter side. The extra margin on the long side allows the bedding to not be too tight when it's zipped up eventually.

Step 3: Cut a brand new white sheet to match the cut bed spread. Both should fit over the top of the mattress and one long side. Leave an additional panel of 7 inches at the bottom (or whatever the height or your mattress) plus 1 inch on all sides of this section. This part will fit at the bottom of the bedding so that it creates a rectangular shape snug around the mattress.

Step 4: Decide which side you want the zipper on when you put it on the mattress. For the first bedding I made I put it in the front. It is a personal preference thing. I sort of wish I put it on the back so I wouldn't see it now on the bed when it is made since the other side is against the wall.  At the same time maybe it is easier for my daughter to zip up from the front side, so it's fine. 

Step 5: Sew up one long side of the bedding with the mattress sheet. Leave the bottom rectangular 7-9 inch wide panel for the end.

Step 6: Sew the zipper to the other long side of the bedding. I sewed a couple of inches first with the zipper open then lifted the foot, zipped it up, and placed the sewing foot back down to sew the rest with the zipper closed. I didn't want to risk sewing the zipper in wrong and having to unpick. It worked great. The zipper should go a little longer than one full side of the bed but depending on what type of zipper you get. Mine went a little past the end which worked fine. I just turned the corner and sewed the final five inches on the short side of the bedding. I also didn't use a zipper foot. The regular one was fine especially since the zipper is large and there is plenty of side zipper material to sew on.

Step 7: Hem the top of the comforter section to close off the end. 

Step 8: Sew in the remaining three sides of the bottom rectangular panel so that bedding makes a complete rectangular shape with the comforter top and the sheet bottom. 

Now fit it over your fitted-sheet covered mattress, zip it up, and place the mattress back on the bed. Tada! You have an amazing Zip Up Bedspread for your childs convenience and your sanity. You're welcome!! 

*Extra Tip: I used a large zipper I unpicked from a Disney's Frozen Themed sleeping bag we no longer use.  I am sure you could buy an extra large zipper online  but if you have one lying around I thought I mention this idea to you. 😉

I sincerely hope this helps points you in the right direction. They are working great!! It is so worth it. Good luck my friend, you can do this!! 


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