Donated Vanity Top & Bought Supplies for Part 2 of C's Bathroom!

It's coming slowly but surely! I wish it wasn't slowly but it is super slowly, snail pace, bit by bit, slowly. The part 2 may or may not involve a wall of shiplap, a new bathroom vanity top, new faucet, new light fixture and bathroom accessory hardware...😉 I am excited to see the final product eventually!! Its going to be great!! So far, I have just purchased it all and felt the sting of the wallet charges but the pay off of the final product is around the corner, maybe in a few weeks, but still around the corner! 

Too bad, I am slowed down by products not being in stock, having to return the first purchased vanity top because it didn't have a side splash. And by the way it was sooo inconvenient and heavy! Also, it is taking longer and I need to give myself grace because I have never put up shiplap before. Even if something is "easy," the learning curve adds extra time and trial and error. It will all be worth it. Mar, you've got this!! 😉 More pictures to come!!!

Here is me donating the old vanity top this weekend at a local Habitat for Humanity! Good job me!! 


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