Before & After: Prepare to be Stunned!!

 Although we still need to add the granite step pieces and the clear glass, the shower part is finished. And wow it is beautiful!! I can't stop looking at these photos. Wowee this is really my bathroom!!!



This is how it was when we first moved in 5 years ago. Since then I've been slowly chipping away with changes here and there. First new paint, then new mirrors, next we got new vanities (one was 3 inches shorter than the other and the countertops had substancially yellowed through time). We then took out the carpet and replaced with luxury vinyl tile.

 Later I fixed up the tub tile, added a new faucet, and put in a chandelier myself. Then with contractors finishing only yesterday, we got a new shower. Wow, all these changes have made a GIGANTIC difference wouldn't you say? Maybe you'd have to see it in person. P.S. we didn't break the bank either. Yay! It's cost about 10K all in all so far. We'll need another 2.5k for the glass and granite pieces which I am fine with. 


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