Under Construction Mode

We are under construction mode over here with our master bathroom. I was going to post pictures of it at its worst but I decided I'd rather not. I don't really want to remember it for the construction phase. The construction phase is not painful but necessary for the beautiful bathroom that is coming!! 

Just like in life- hold in there if you are under construction with something whether physical or internal, sometimes it has to get way worse to get better. Sometimes we have to open up to the very gut inner side of things to see the problems, clean it up, and repair and refresh. Good is happening, good is coming. Always believe this. As for the bathroom I can't wait! Here is a peek.

Update: I decided to go ahead and share the before pics that I taken... It's been an intense project with a lot of faith required in the workers, my personal taste, and immense reassurance that "this state is only temporary."🤪

Previous Shower State without the Glass Blocks:


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