Organized More Cupboard Spaces!


Although I've had these kitchen storage containers for a while, I found out a way to use every shelf with them! Prior the bottom shelf was for various spices and baking supplies. I put these in a baking supplies bin in my cupboard to open up the bottom shelf for 6 more containers. I decided to put our various protein powder collection in three of the bins along with oatmeal packets, walnuts, and coconut flour in the three remaining bins. 

This worked out great! Especially since the protein powder containers were so massive and always felt like a huge waste of space. Is it just me or do they always use this gigantic container with very little product in it? Ha, well I found a way around those ridiculous containers and that was to ditch them. I did however print off the labels from online and tape them onto the new bins so if I had a question about the contents/ calories/ protein I could still easily view it at a glance. Woohoo! I am loving this improved kitchen organization!!! 


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