Upholstered 4 Chairs to Add to Dining Room Set

Yep, I found these babies off of Facebook Marketplace for cheap and then recovered them to match the rest of my set. The problem before was that we only had four chairs previously because we were using a bench for the other three kiddos. 

Now that we moved this kitchen set to our dining room I felt like the bench had to go. Also the kids are getting a little older so they need more space at dinnertime. We added a leaf to our table too so the bench was just too short. I bought the fabric on Amazon. It was actually a set of black out curtains which is great because it was thick and way cheaper sold as curtains than fabric- go figure. 

Now that it is done and in use, I am loving it!! Looks great and I didn't have to get all new chairs since I recovered the other ones only a year or two ago which was nice.



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