Meal Planning and Weekly Food Prep

 Every week I try to write out a basic plan of family dinners. It is not only economical but it helps us eat healthier and encourages the habit of family meals. My meal plan is as simple as a calendar I keep on the side of the fridge and write on with a pen or pencil and change as I please. Yes, it is pretty basic but it works wonders! I have been doing it for years and it has been a game changer!! It doesn't have to be fancy but it makes a huge difference to have family dinner at least a few times a week, where everyone sits down and converses together then helps out in cleaning and putting everything away. There is a lot of research out there that says family meals are one of the most important practices a family can do. Look into it! 

I also have gotten in the habit of cleaning out my fridge each Monday and prepping a salad or fresh veggies or fruits so it is easy to grab during the week when I am in a bind and need to eat and get out the door. Cleaning out the fridge just makes the food in the fridge feel more enjoyable. Typically the food in the fridge is healthier than the snack food in the cupboard so this is an essential step to setting my family and I up for success each week. Do you have any favorite healthy eating practices? 


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